Thursday, July 28, 2005

Al Qaida, the Taliban and the US Government

In the debate as to the causes of London terrorism, many, including the Government itself, are sticking their heads in the sand by refusing to recognise the role the British involvement in Iraq has played. It’s always easier and more convenient to depict the bombers as mindless killers and evil doers that must be reckoned with in the severest way possible. If that means shooting a few innocent bystanders that’s OK, as long as it’s for the greater good.

Or as that other genius of all matters geopolitical
George W. Bush puts it “we’ll hunt them down and smoke ‘em out!”

A “course of action” that doesn’t take into account the deeper underlying cause of why the West now has a rapidly swelling army of irate fundamentalist Islamic terrorists vying for our blood, is like a quack cure: based on nothing it cannot work.

The cause of the bombers hatred of all things Western goes back much further than Gulf War II. It goes back, amongst others to US involvement in pre 9/11 Afghanistan, where the CIA, for pragmatical US reasons,

helped create what these same people now call the monster Osama Bin Laden

Another excellent article by Michael Meacher, published in the Guardian and titled

This war on terrorism is bogus
also very much gets its facts straight regards the events leading up to 9/11.

On several occasions I’ve maintained that President Blair may well be the first British politician to enter the history books as a criminal of war. But if this Government stubbornly and blindly continues to refuse to acknowledge that it’s role in Iraq will almost inevitable lead to more real bloodshed at home, then Mr Blair should be impeached for “incitement to mass murder”.

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