Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Anti-Semitism by a 14-year old: like father like daughter

H/T Bacon Eating Atheist Jew.

Whilst the charge of anti-Semitism is sometimes incorrectly used and inappropriate use unfortunately diminishes the true meaning of the term, virulent and rabid anti-Semitism is regrettably still very much alive. Like other forms of racism or xenophobia, it takes on the form of a meme that, like a gene, is passed on from generation to generation. Like real genes, memes can disappear from the gene-pool but they tend to have rather a long half-life. And new "justifications" for these old hatreds are being concocted daily.

Here's what one anti-Semitic father (
Mark Glenn) has managed to instil in his 14-year old daughter, Stefania. Remember, she's 14 YEARS OF AGE. Perhaps as shocking at least as Stefania's hate piece, is the chorus of approval it gets from a ritz of commenters. Hardly a single voice of dissent, apart from Bacon's. It's clear: Jooooos control the Medjuh because when this nincompoopy daughter-like-father spills her sick guts, a bunch of yes-sayers enthusiastically cheers her along on her "fine writing".

I'm not going to reprint or rebut this kind of filth here,
Bacon Eating Atheist Jew's has already dirtied his hands in my place, by doing just that.

Whilst Jewish vigilance of anti-Semitism has lead occasionally to over-reactions (this is also true of those guarding against other forms of xenophobia), with people like little Stefania and her audience about, it's clear we have to stay on guard, lest this oldest of hatreds flares up again and infects the world on the scale we've seen in the past... Racism, in some respects, is clearly on the march again.

And Bacon, you know I disapprove of your ridiculous "let's nuke Iran" stance but other than that, I'm with you on this one all the way...


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