Sunday, November 04, 2007

BlogRush adds Atheist category...

After a little brouhaha about a few atheists getting their BlogRush accounts inactivated (report here) and said atheists rather self-servingly jumping to conclusions about "BlogRush's (alleged) bigotry vis-à-vis these noble free-thinkers", BlogRush has now done the logical thing and has added a category specially for this "persecuted minority". Atheists can now join and get placed in that relevant category, when previously the closest related category would have been Religion or possibly Politics.

While said atheists may now want to do a little chest beating regarding their alleged influencing of, victory over even, BlogRush (BR), it's likely that the creation of the new category is simply more the consequence of BR moving out of beta and into Phase II (report here). They've been creating loads of new categories. Perhaps amending the Religion category to Religion/Atheism would have been better but one blogger (below) clearly would have disagreed with that.

I sometimes fear that BR may not consider my posts about their program to be very suited to my own category (Politics) but they'd be wrong, as said complainers, conveniently for me perhaps, have actually made it political. Here's what one atheist commenter had to say about the atheism flap:
After looking at Bl**k*u*'s blog and seeing BlogRush filled with religious drivel even though it is in the atheists category, I have to agree. I won't plan on returning to BlogRush anytime soon.

Dear me, "religious drivel", in an "atheist" category... It's hard to escape the impression that atheists of that particular variety (most if not all of which are American) are seeking some sort of Atheist Apartheid, in which their "beautiful free-thinking minds" cannot be contaminated by "religious drivel".

An atheist/agnostic (but not in BR's atheism category - lol).

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And by the way, a guy (John Reese - owner of BR) who's had several Brttaney Spears flap style YouTubes dedicated to him and can laugh about it can't be all bad. Here's one of the better ones:


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