Monday, April 06, 2009

Rashid Khalidi speaks at a Brooklyn Synagogue

Remember a guy called Rashid Khalidi? The guy McCain tried to smear Barack Obama with because he was allegedly a 'friend of terrorists' and thus by illogical syllogism: "Barack (Hussein!) Osama, ooops, Obama palling with Terrorists!"

Well, if this isn't another crack in American Jewry's previously rather united pro-Israel front then I don't know what is: last night Khalidi addressed a Jewish 'congregation' at the Brooklyn Reform Synagogue. Sponsored by Brit Tzedek, Peace Now, J Street, the Dialogue Project, Meretz, the Institute for Living Judaism, Kolot Chayeinu.

(Is that the sound of Mad Mel Phlips' teeth grinding that I'm hearing?)


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