Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A bit of strange Far-Left baiting at Harry's Place...

Much to the embarrassment of British Zionism, the BNP (and around the same time also the EDL) recently declared its support for Israel. 'Anti-Semites for Israel' isn't exactly a first of course and in the case of the BNP (and the EDL) there is an unexpected but inescapable logic to that position, because one cannot logically support an ethno-State for White Britons and deny the Zionists their own little ethno-centric Heaven on Earth, now can one?

All this riles Edmund Standing (Harry's Place contributor) in as much as he's trying to link one of the BNP's head imbeciles, John Lee Barnes, to the far Left, on the basis that both are anti-Semitic:

BNP Legal Director Lee Barnes is back to his old tricks: reproducing an article taken from an anti-Semitic website, written by a man who describes himself as a ‘proud self-hating Jew’.

The website is – find out more here.

The self-hating Jew is Gilad Atzmon – find out more here.

Barnes believes in ‘revolution‘, class conflict, and ‘anti-Zionism‘. The irony is that if he would only drop the BNP affiliation, he would be welcomed with open arms by the far-Left.

Lee Barnes' anti-Semitism and his "support [of] the right of all nations to self determination" are as I said not at all mutually exclusive. "Juden and all other brownies raus" isn't at all incompatible with support for the ethno-centric state of Israel. As he puts it in the comment section:

Anti-zionist boys not anti-Israel.

Get it right.

As a nationalist I support the right of all nations to self determination.

Loyalty to Zionism is treason to Britain

A bit further down he explains what he understands by "Zionism":

Zionism is the Zionist Nazi global network of inner traitors in all nations who seek to use their own nations, economic systems, political systems and media systems for the benefit of the Zionist Nazis in Israel.

I support Israel and Palestinian nationalism - but I regard Islamists and Zionists as traitors and criminals.

So, nice try Edmund but John Lee Barns is still a Far Right anti-Semite cackling about 'treason', and one who supports Israel. And no matter what you think, John Lee Barnes wouldn't be welcomed by the Far Left...


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