Thursday, December 31, 2009

Another Brick in the Wall...

In case anyone still fosters any illusions, the 'Obama moment' ('the moment that never was?') is now officially over. Although the US for now appears to deny it, according to the Beeb (and yesterday also Press TV), Egypt is building a 10 - 11 km fence extending 18 m below the surface on its border with Gaza, in collusion with the US.

When Obama failed to comment on the atrocity known as 'Operation Cast Lead', many supporters were disappointed. When he was smoothly out-maneuvered by Netanyahu on the settlement 'freeze' issue many became disillusioned. If it now transpires that this latest nail in the coffin of Gaza is indeed in collaboration with the largest colonial settler-state in the world then we can safely relegate any notion about a new relationship with the Muslim world to the circular filing system. Obama is increasingly a case of fading beauty, if not actually Bush-Lite, a version that can talk the hind legs off a donkey perhaps but no more determined to arrive at a solution to the Middle East nightmare than Bush or Blair.

And if The One later convincingly protests this latest monstrosity against humanity, I'll blurb, amend, perhaps even scrap this post but for now my digital Typex can stay safely in the bottle.

On the plus side, there appears to be reaction world wide at grass roots level with reports of pickets worldwide. Jews sans Frontieres is on the case with some practical details too.

In the medium long run all this bad news may even be good news for Gaza and supporters of the Palestinian Cause: how much more damage do the harlequins that run the world just think they can inflict on a defenseless population, essentially for having the misfortune not to be Jewish, without the world starting to take note? How much more do the apparatchiks of the 'Jewish State' think they and their allies can get away with before it dawns on others that Zionist life must be a hell of a lot more valuable than that of the brownish natives?

On the wall, from the BBC:

Egypt has begun constructing a huge metal wall along its border with the Gaza Strip as it attempts to cut smuggling tunnels, the BBC has learned.

When it is finished the wall will be 10-11km (6-7 miles) long and will extend 18 metres below the surface.

The Egyptians are being helped by American army engineers, who the BBC understands have designed the wall.

The plan has been shrouded in secrecy, with no comment or confirmation from the Egyptian government.

The wall will take 18 months to complete.

For weeks local farmers have noticed more activity at the border where trees were being cut down, but very few of them were aware that a barrier was being built.


That is because the barrier, made of super-strength steel, has been hidden deep underground.

The BBC has been told that it was manufactured in the US, that it fits together in similar fashion to a jigsaw, and that it has been tested to ensure it is bomb proof.

US officials have though denied to the BBC that they are involved in building or supplying the wall.

The reports say the wall cannot be cut or melted - in short it is impenetrable.

Intelligence sources in Egypt say the barrier is being sunk close to the perimeter wall that already exists.


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