Thursday, April 28, 2011

Russia Today: Palestate

Despite the rather lame and unpromising title this turned out to be a palatable discussion on Palestine and planned statehood. RT’s own blurb:

Ramzy Baroud from vs. Alan Elsner from The Israel Project. With a UN vote on Palestinian statehood looming, Israeli PM Netanyahu will propose his own plan in May, which will probably repeat the same peace process rhetoric. But even if the UN votes in favor of a Palestinian state, will it change the status quo?
At some point late on in the exchange the senior Hasbarist (faked victimhood comes natural to people like Elsner) starts lamenting that the moderator should ‘do his job’ but Peter Lavelle, an experienced hand at this game, is having none of it. Here's the whole episode:

Friday, April 01, 2011

Aha… Ahav… Ahava… have gone!

Vavavoum! Another BDS success, this time in the heart of London: the AHAVA shop in Covent Garden is closing its doors, thanks to months of anti-settlement protesters at the site the landlords have decided not to renew its lease. Good riddance to the peddlers of Dead Sea based stolen crap, presented as useless lotions and potions once upon a time to be consumed mainly by the brain dead. And not a feather in Richard ‘not a Zionist’ Millett ‘journalist's’ cap either, who up to the very end kept telling his imbecilic entourage just how well AHAVA was doing and what a bunch of ‘LOOOSERS!’ the protesters really were. Now our insipid Zionist tells us that:
My bet is that the protests will continue. They are more about defaming the Jewish state than anything else, and that says all you need to know about the nature of the beast we are dealing with here; anti-Semitism.
And that he’s ‘not playing the anti-Semitism card’! Yet what to expect from a dumb f*ck who denies the settlements are illegal? The man finds himself on the wrong side of just about every argument, including this rather minor one, AHAVA...

Update: I know, I know: you shouldn’t mock the afflicted but as so often with Far Right Zioblogs (are there really any other left?) the comment section provides the real hilarity. Here’s Daniel Marks (or ‘Dannenbaum’ as I call him affectionately), British Zionist settler from Ma’ale Adumim, who clearly ancies himself a bit as the ‘Churchill of Zionism’:

Furthermore, I have no doubt that the enemies of Israel will be turning down the volume of their TV lest the killings of Kadafi and the assassinations of Assad interrupt victory celebrations. Thus I say, “Let them make merry.” The blood of their allies stains the Arabian sands as they murder each other in the most barbaric manner imaginable, but no one can take from them that they have forced a cosmetics shop in London to relocate, “To the victor belong the spoils”.

Like many of you I suspect that this may be but a prelude to struggles ahead. Struggles that may have begun at the Ahava store in Covent Garden, but that shall surely reach other cities of Europe and other capitals of the world. Neither do I believe that in these struggles Jews will or should stand at the vanguard of those opposing the dark clouds of radical Islam. It is for Englishmen to fight for the character of England and Frenchmen to fight for the future of France. If they do, like us they will always prevail. If they don’t, no Board of Deputies or Zionist Federation will be their saviors.

So I say to all those advocates of Ahava, those champions of Covent Gardens that, like the legendary expeditionary force of Dunkirk, you have done all that anyone could have done and now it is time for you all to come home. Bathe in the real Dead Sea where no cosmetics are required, feast on the beauty of the Land of Israel drink of her wine and eat of her fruits.