Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Victoria Nuland: annoying twit of the year…

When it comes to deeply annoying (embarrassing would be the word if I were American, heaven forbid!) public persons, spokes people for the White House/State Department/insert whatever, politicians and the like, look no further that to t’other Social Experiment, the good ole’ US of A, for a panoply of muppets that almost make the Iranian regime look like sane folk. And the sooner they ditch one, another pops up like a devil in a box. The latest one to pollute the screens of our boxes is Victoria Nuland, here she is on the Meircan’s decision to withhold funds from Unesco, this on the grounds that that truly perfidious organisation has granted membership to Palestine by overwhelming majority:

Watch it on YouTube.

Kudos to that journalist though. Where were the others?

Writes Gabriel at JsF:

I have a question. What kind of personality it takes to stand there and repeat that horse manure? Who applies for these jobs and who accepts them? Is there a test you have to pass to get this job? Something like finding a kid with a puppy in the park and strangling the puppy?

According to Wiki she “has twice been a visiting fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations. In 1999 to 2000, she looked at the effect of Anti-Americanism on U.S. relations with other major world powers”… Did you factor yourself into that equation, Victoria? Cos’ for anti-Americans you’re the gift that keeps on giving!


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