Saturday, October 22, 2005

The British Thought Police...

In New Labour's Britain, the obsession with political correctness, accountability and covering one's backside reaches unprecedented heights every day.
From the
Daily Mail, via

When Mary Magilton told police a hit-and-run driver was fat, she didn't think she was being rude.

To her mind, it was merely an accurate description of the woman who had run into her on the pavement before driving off.

But to the police officer interviewing the mother of three about her traumatic experience, "fat" represented inappropriate language.
And she astonished Mrs Magilton by giving her a ticking-off for using the word.

Staff in the officer's force, Greater Manchester Police, have to abide by a 16-page document listing words and phrases which they should avoid so as not to cause offence, with suggested alternatives.

Terms such as policeman and spokesman are described as sexist while phrases such as "accident blackspot" and "a black look" are deemed negative.

To view the 16-page document, click here and scroll down: well worth doing.

Dear me, and here was this undersigned still in the belief that in the Blighted Kingdom catching crims was still, somehow, a Policeman's (ooops... Police officer's) main task.

Now, I'm not opposed at all to the Police minding their language a little, in fact I'm all for it. But does the kind of situations and "countermeasures" described above make this country in any way better? Nope...Safer? Nope... Fairer? Nope... What then? Well it should be the laughing stock of Europe, which by now must really think we've lost our sense of humour, as well as the plot along the way...



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