Thursday, November 30, 2006

Axis of short-sightedness

Advertently or inadvertently, the overheated and Manichean imagination of many on the loopy far right, seems set to make a substantial contribution to make the clash of civilisations, the war of the end of the world and mother or all battles, or modern-day Armageddon as it where, a reality. The famously ineptly called "Axis of Evil" is a concept many ultra-conservatives have now extended to include those on the left, including the many centrists which frankly make up the majority of the progressive side of the political spectrum. Those moderates on the Decent Left are now routinely referred to as 'appeasers', 'Islamofascism supporters', part of the 'Muslim fifth column' and similar demeaning descriptions. And when such terms are being deployed, the charge of anti-Semitism is rarely far behind.

Melanie Phillips is one of the many whose world view is so hermetic and snug it resembles a Chinese puzzle. In it, there is no room for doubt, internal criticism or self-analysis because all energy must be focused on fighting the multitude of enemies. And in the closed sphere of Mel's mind, there are many and no time is to be wasted. Debate is pointless, as 'truth is self-evident and only lies require contemplation'.

Mel's foes include scientists that provide evidence for man-made climate change, which she refers to as a "con-trick", a "witch-hunt" and a "fraud". She's not too keen on Evolutionary Biology either and seems to support the teaching of Intelligent Design. And the Israel/Palestine conflict? Nothing to do with a struggle for land and resources: it's "about Islam's view of the Jews as "a cosmic evil"". In plain English: the conflict is the result of Muslim anti-Semitism, nothing more, nothing less.

Her position on Israel/Palestine should come as no surprise, as elsewhere she states:
This reflects the corruption of thinking around the issue of Israel that has poisoned the minds of so many in the west: the assumption that Israel, the target and victim of a war of annihilation that has now gone on for more than half a century, is responsible for the plight of those who are still trying to annihilate it and must therefore give them what they want rather than defend itself against them– for which acts of defence Israel, rather than its genocidal attackers, will be excoriated, vilified and delegitimised. Monstrous, monstrous. And whatever Bush’s response to the ISG report, if it lives down to its advance billing its mere publication will have the further effect of providing yet more ammunition for those in the west who are intent upon destroying Israel, demoralising the west and undermining both America and the defence of the free world.
Clearly, Israel isn't supported by the world's only remaining superpower. And European governments don't back the country either. The economic boycott of Hamas by the Quartet has also passed Mel by. One can't help but wonder what she has in mind for the Palestinians: unconditional surrender of both spirit and land, perhaps?

She blames much of the ills of modern society on 'multiculturalism' and, guess, immigration, both of which are claimed to be destroying 'Judeo-Christian values' from within. It doesn't occur to Mel, who is Jewish, that only a multicultural society can include ethnic minorities (don't make me draw up a list), including Jews and ensure these minorities enjoy protection against discrimination and much worse besides.

And then there's that other, related scourge of enlightened Liberal Democracy: the dreaded 'cultural relativism', the righteous antithesis of which posits that our society is the best bestestest, the Snow White of societies and that it's template show be imposed on all peoples...

As regards the "Axis of Evil", Mel has done her bit, identifying 'red-black', 'red-green', 'red-yellow' alliances, with more cross-rainbow alliances allegedly set to seek our utter and total destruction, soon to come.

And now our Mel has found more convincing evidence of support by the left of anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism in her latest blurb:

Axis of evil

Disgusting antisemitism in a pro-Chavez
newspaper in Venezuela. Not for nothing is Chavez a pin-up boy of the left…and he’s chum of that progressive Mr Ahmadinejad, too.

The article la Phillips is referring to is indeed despicable anti-Semitic nonsense of the very worst kind, written in an infantile style of writing (at least the translation) not worthy of anything but the cheapest gutter-rag, no question about it. The article, however, doesn't provide any link to the "pin-up boy of the left", Hugo Chavez, apart from the fact the paper is pro-Chavez. The piece o'p*ss doesn't give any insight into Chavez' opinion on Zionism or Jews at all. But Mel sees it as further proof of the left's infatuation with anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism, and the 'Left-Islamofascist' alliance; at least that's clearly implied.

According to
The Guardian's Jackie Ashley, "Phillips is married to Joshua Rozenberg, the charming and self-effacing legal editor of the Daily Telegraph, and a former BBC employee". Phillips, incidentally, is a former Guardian staffer.

They make a good couple, no doubt, although Rozenberg may not be quite as self-effacing as Jackie makes out. In a recent article in
The Daily Torygraph, Rozenberg is implying that Sharia law in Britain is dangerously on the rise: "Sharia law is spreading as authority wanes" is just the title.

Mel my belle, if your wet-dream fantasies of a clash of cultures comes true one not-so-fine day, please accept part of the blame for fear mongering, extreme myopia and gross distortion.

If I carry on following Mel's blog, I'll end up with a collection of Melanisms...


At 9:30 PM, Blogger Greg said...

You state: "It doesn't occur to Mel, who is Jewish, that only a multicultural society can include ethnic minorities (don't make me draw up a list), including Jews and ensure these minorities enjoy protection against discrimination and much worse besides."

I agree.


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