Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Here endeth the lesson

Intelligent design is just creationism in disguise. This nonsense has no place in science classes

James Randerson

'We're seeking to have intelligent design and criticisms of Darwinism taught in science lessons." That was Dr Richard Buggs, of the campaign group Truth in Science, putting the case for teaching intelligent design in British schools on the Guardian science podcast this week. Proponents of ID claim that it is a viable scientific alternative to Darwinism. As such, they say, it deserves a place alongside Darwin in science lessons.

Who could argue with that? Darwin's theory has been around for nearly 150 years and has survived many challenges. Why not throw in ID too? Isn't education all about exposing children to ideas and letting them make up their own minds, not force-feeding them dogma?

This argument has been well used by ID's proponents in the US and it appears to be gaining ground over here. The Guardian has revealed that dozens of schools appear to be using teaching materials that promote the idea.

By framing the debate in this way, the creationists - and, yes, they are creationists - have pulled off an impressive rhetorical coup. They have cast the scientists as dogmatic, reactionary and even fundamentalist aggressors who would deny school pupils the chance to hear all sides of the debate.
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But the following comment made by downsman is also telling and funny...
Hi there people - God here. Sorry to trouble you in the early hours, but my job goes on 24/7 - I’m sure you understand.

That’s right, I’m God. I’m the intelligent designer they’re all talking about. And I’m intelligent alright. Really, really intelligent. I dreamed up evolution as a kind of stupid person’s alternative to actual creation. Creation - by me, God. The intelligent one. Who does the stuff that could only be done by someone all-powerful, all-seeing, all-singing, all-dancing ... above all, all-creating.

So I created everything. That’s right - everything. But I’ve got a confession to make, a little weakness if you like. You might call it a blind spot.

I forgot to create any clear, conclusive, incontrovertible evidence of my existence. I mean sure, some people believe I exist - and others don’t. But I couldn’t quite see a way to show those on both sides of the argument, everyone in fact, that I’m here - up here - right here.

And I’m still here. But despite my, er, intelligence, I still can’t think of a way of letting you all know. I mean there’s science - yes, and there’s empirical evidence - yes, there are laboratory tests - yes, there’s all that.

But the fact is I’m just too stupid to provide the evidence to all of you. I can only provide it to those who already believe in me anyway.

Pathetic, I know. But there it is. Anyhow, I am intelligent. And a designer. No really, I am. Really.


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