Monday, November 26, 2007

Jackie Mason's Christian America...

In one of his latest biweekly vlog rants, Jackie Mason goes all over the show, then completely overboard. These vlogs are in stark contrast to most of his previous stand-up work, which is largely non-political and which I used to completely adore. The vlogs however increasingly portray Mason as a cantankerous conservative whose samples of videod verbal gassiness strike me as being about as funny as a rantin' and a railin' Trotkyite on a soap box.

In the video rant below Mason joins the ranks of American Christians who feel their religion and "traditional values" are under attack from all sides. Mason unflinchingly calls the US "a Christian country", then proceeds to ramble on a bit about the West's latest politically expedient fad, "Judeo-Christian values". Somewhere along the line pornography gets dragged into it and you get the impression that Mason toils under the delusion that porn is now taught in US state schools.

The US, as far as I can see, is supposed to be the ultimate experiment in terms of a multi-ethnic, multi-religious and pluralistic liberal democracy. Clearly this is what the founding fathers had in mind. That the majority of the country adheres to various strands of Christianity doesn't in any way, shape or form alter that. But with the "war on terror" in full swing and many Christians regressing back to simplistic, Manichean views regarding Good Xtians v. Bad Moooooslims, perhaps it should come as no surprise some of them are kitting themselves out with a neatly fitting persecution complex.

Mason for instance mentions verbose Atheists, presumably as part of the mob persecuting our Good Christians, yet most of the latter will tell you that American Atheists make up less than 5 % of the population, are far too noisy and should really shut up (see also the Atheism altercation on CNN some time ago). Who's being persecuted here?

H/T to, and more comment at: Bacon Eating Atheist Jew.

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