Monday, November 30, 2009

Greenstein on Argentina, Israel and anti-Semitism

Yesterday Tony Greenstein published a lengthy, well-researched and shocking piece about the collusion between Israel and the murderous and fascist Galtieri regime, resulting in the deaths of some 3,000 left wing Argentinian Jews. Not something you're likely to read on Harry's Place.

From Argentina - Proof that Israel is no refuge from anti-Semitism just a taster snippet:

Post 1945 there was one regime that murdered Jews because they were Jews and in particular because they were left-wing Jews. In Argentina between 1976 and 1983 3,000 of the Disappeared Ones were Jewish, 10% of those murdered by the fascists. Yet there was not one word of protest from Israel. Quite the contrary. It would seem that Israel was actually advising these torturers on 'counter-insurgency'.

And from one of Greenstein's sources (Ha'aretz - 31/08/89):

‘But perhaps it is just as appalling to extend massive military aid to one of the world’s most murderous regimes, yet Israel supplied the evil Argentinian junta with weapons and tools of repression during the years in which they kidnapped, imprisoned, tortured and killed tens of thousands of civilians. Israeli-Argentinian relations were never closer than in the late 1970’s.’

Now read the whole piece.


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