Friday, November 27, 2009

The Third Reich in Jerusalem...

One of the most deeply annoying tactics of modern Zionists is the trollish attempt at creating connections between Radical Islam and the Nazis. And of course by illogical extension to consider also the plight of the Palestinians as essentially a well-deserved come-uppance for the Grand Mufti's association with the Nazis. In reality these trollisms are merely designed to railroad conversations on Israel/Palestine into ahistorical cul-de-sacs.

Here's just an introductory snippet from lenin's excellent debunking of another bon ton attempt at such linkage:

The belief that we live in Enlightened times, that the prevailing cosmovision is scientific and rational, is itself a component of an irrational and violent ideology. We do not live in such a time, and the intelligentsia do not produce work reflecting such commitments. Rather, the great bulk of intellectual production is a labour of fabulation. Histories are aesthetic products, stimulating narratives for those bored with the novel, morality tales for those disenchanted with religion, improving sentiments and axioms for those who don't want to spend their tube journey deflecting anxiety about work with a copy of the Metro. The efficacy of these works as aesthetic productions, dealing in irony, allusion and juxtaposition, and using tragic, romantic or comedic modes of emplotment, is part of their proof, part of their ability to persuade.

So, in the interminable era of the 'war on terror', we have been fed a slurry of literature rehearsing the apocalyptic dramaturgy of Oswald Spengler and his epigones. The key actor, the hero, is the corporative entity known as 'The West'. It is locked in a mortal combat, a fight to the death, with the villain, a relentless and tyrannical opponent, known as 'radical Islam' or 'Islamo-fascism' or 'totalitarianism', tout court. The ideas of 'totalitarianism' constitute the deus ex machina, the animating spirit that subjectivates an otherwise inert substrata of humanity, and sends it rushing, ululating, en masse, toward Jerusalem or New York.

The latest installment of this narrative is provided by the American Eustonite, Jeffrey Herf (criticised by Richard Wolin here, resulting in a debate here). Disinterring, once again, the collusion between Haj Amin al-Husseini, the British-imposed Mufti of Jerusalem, and Adolf Hitler, Herf sets out make the case that 'radical Islam' constitutes the third wave of 'totalitarianism' in the world, following communism and fascism. Stop me if you've heard this one before.

Do read the rest here.

As one commenter noted, bizarre and often very minor alliances between Nazis and the most unlikely bed-fellows are a plenty, as an alphabet of countries supplying minor Nazi contingents could easily be constructed from this interesting photo reportage.


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