Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Latest Google tweak?

Apparently there’s been another Google update or are people getting confused with the last one? Or is it just a tweak? A little aftershock of Allegra? Who knows, I lose count.

Clint isn’t happy. Whenever Google tightens a screw in their machinery somewhere, it’s usually accompanied by the sound of Webmasters falling out of their prams. But Clint really takes the biscuit: when someone starts calling Google “these Google N@zis” (sic) you know they’re in serious danger of hyperventilating.

Strange how someone like Clint is clever enough to get dozens of top Google positions in a fairly crowded niche, is also stupid enough to rely solely on SERPs to make a living.

Talk about putting all your eggs in one very, very shaky basket…


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