Tuesday, November 27, 2007

MoonBattery.com: Poco Loco...

On my many Tinkerweb travels I've come across some plain old bullshit, not to mention some outright dangerous nonsense. MoonBattery.com, dedicated to exposing the lunacy of the far left moonbats, falls into both these categories.

Let me be emphatic: exposing bullshit, lies and distortions, whether they come from the left or the right in my book is a noble pastime. Unfortunately it isn't one that should be undertaken by those who themselves are extremists. And MoonBattery.com, going by quite a few of its entries and by comments made by its fans, is a far rightwing bunch if I've ever come across one. WingNutters.com would have been an equally appropriate name. WingNutters.com give just a few examples of the sheer magic of wingnuttery, when it comes to wild exaggerations, blatant distortions, the endless creating of straw men arguments and more besides that, in an effort to prove that moonbats are truly mad. Unfortunately for our intrepid nutters, they come across as possibly even more biased and one-dimensional than their target group. This one is from a little gem titled Atheist Sunday School:

The universities and hospitals bequeathed to us by Christians aren't enough for secular progressives — now they're even taking over Sunday school.

Yep folks, it's official, all hospitals and universities have been bequeathed to the US by Christians...

And now the Baaaad Ait-ieests are "taking over" Sunday school too! Except they're not... Except this is nothing more than Christian paranoia. The initiative taken by the Humanist Community Center, unnecessary as it might seem to me, has nothing to do with a take-over. MoonBattery.com's grasp on reality seems severely impaired by their own horrible bias.
The Humanist Community Center in Palo Alto, California, offers atheist Sunday school, so that the offspring of local moonbats can learn liberal "values" — presumably including the sanctity of abortion, the nobility of homosexuality, and the iniquity of Christians, Caucasians, and America.

Satirical as this may be intended, it's nonetheless not much short of slander. It implies that Atheists somehow consider homosexuality to be "noble", when most actually see homosexuality as simply something people shouldn't be discriminated against.

I'll let the "iniquity of Christians" BS pass as too puerile to respond to but the accusation of bias against Caucasians is quite a serious allegation. Also, to imply that American Atheists are un-American is just a tad McCarthy-esque.
Similar programs are planned for Phoenix, Albuquerque, and Portland, Oregon. Atheists even have special sleepaway camps, where they probably don't have to worry about discrimination against homosexual councilors taking their little boys out into the woods.

Yep, that's right wingnutters, Atheists don't worry about discrimination against "homosexual councilours", even though the latter have a clear propensity for "taking little boys into the woods" (please note irony!) At this point, someone should really sue MoonBattery.com.
Not to worry: with the proper instruction, Damian will grow up understanding that human life is a random accident with no moral significance, and the universe is a vacuum devoid of meaning that created itself for no particular reason.

The usual claptrap about "random accidents" and the burning question: "Where do Aithe-iiists get their moral values from, huh?" Based on that latter question, it would be reasonable to assume that all Christians would be thieves, murderers and rapists, if it wasn't for God telling them right from wrong. So much for free will (and by logical consequence, freedom)...

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