Monday, April 06, 2009

Settlers on the rampage?

From Mondoweiss via IMEU comes this story:

This article was originally published by IMEMC and is republished with permission.

Local sources in Hebron, in the southern part of the occupied West Bank, reported on Sunday that nearly 150 armed settlers attacked dozens of Palestinian homes in Jaber, Wadi Al Nasarah, Wadi Al Hasseen, and Al Ras neighborhoods, in addition to attacking homes near the Kiryat Arba settlement, which is northeast of Hebron.

The settlers caused damaged to doors and windows of Palestinian homes and vehicles in the attacked areas, while Israeli soldiers failed to intervene.

Eyewitnesses said that the settlers chanted "death to Arabs" and called for deporting all Arabs and Palestinians out of the country.

The settlers also tried to reoccupy Al Rajaby building in Hebron. It is a Palestinian property that they illegally occupied last year, but were forced to evacuate by an Israeli military court ruling.

Confusing (at least at first sight) is that via JSF I picked a story from IMEMC: Settler attacks in East J'sem;

A group of extremist Israeli settlers attacked several residents and homes in Al Sa’diyya neighborhood, in East Jerusalem on Sunday evening, and occupied the home of Nasser Jaber for the second time, claiming they have purchased it.

On Saturday afternoon, an Israeli court examining an appeal filed by the family, delayed deliberations on the home until April 16, so settlers decided to attack and occupy the property once again.

Although the attack was carried out by settlers, the Israeli police arrested several members of the Jaber family when they attempted to repulse the attackers who also attacked a number of other homes in the neighborhood.

The detained residents were taken to Al Maskobiyya prison, in West Jerusalem, and are undergoing interrogation.

The police also violently attacked Hasan Ja’far, 40, Abu Waheeb Nassar, 56, and the owner of the home, Nasser Jaber. All were moved to a nearby clinic after suffering bruises and cuts.

Eyewitnesses reported that at least 1000 soldiers and policemen surrounded the neighborhood, barring the residents from entering or leaving . Soldiers also prevented the media from accessing the area.

Israel has recently escalated its violations and attacks against Palestinians in East Jerusalem; several houses have been demolished and scores of demolition orders have been issued.

Encouraged by the illegal conduct of their government, settlers have also stepped up their attacks against the residents of East Jerusalem, and are trying to establish more illegal outposts.

I see now that the IMEU story Mondo links to actually credits the IMEMC, yet it doesn't appear to be the same story as the one I link to. Mondo's (IMEU's) story relates to Hebron and doesn't mention E.J'sem. The story I link to (IMEMC's) relates only to E.J'sem.

Looks like two separate sets of attacks...


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