Monday, December 21, 2009

When Extremist Nationalism and Religious Orthodoxy Become Indistinguishable...

Why evacuating settlements is such a sin, according to Rabbi Volpa, a member of the settler movement. It's useful to get a good glimpse of the mindset of those who believe evacuating settlements, as well as freezing further development of settlements, is a cardinal sin against Judaism (or their particular interpretation of it). If the secular Israeli government allows this chasm to grow even wider (as it has done for over 40 years now) this will become a major fault-line in The Country Without Borders...

Note to non-Hebrew speakers: before playing the video, click on lower right-hand corner button and the “cc” (closed-caption) setting in order to see the English-language translation.

H/T: Richard Silverstein, who has some commentary too.


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