Thursday, October 27, 2005

Ahmadinejad puts his foot in it

Hard-line Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's opens his mouth and puts his foot in it. His call for Israel to be "wiped off the map" has drawn widespread condemnation from Israel, Europe and North America.

Frankly, I despair. What is it with conservatives and bellicosity? Why do these two really seem to go so well together, almost like a set? Ahmadinejad has just gone and given almost anyone in the world a major reason to suspect Iran really is up to no good at all, putting his own beloved country and people in the firing line of Israel, the US, the UK and most of Europe.

On winning the election Ahmadinejad commented:
This is a great honour. But even greater is the honour to serve this nation, as mayor, president or road sweeper [my emphasis]. It is no different. The greatest honour is to be certain that one is serving the great people of Iran.

This is how you pay the people of Iran back, Mahmoud? By putting them at such risk? By further jeopardising Iran's legitimate desire to deploy a civilian nuclear program? By making Iran's government look like a more advanced version of the Taliban, an ultra-conservative theocracy? By fuelling Western neo-conservative "thinker's" misheld beliefs that Islam is out to destroy Western society and its way of life? Well, thanks a bunch: you've just single-handedly made the world a more dangerous place: welcome to that gallery that includes Bush and Co, Blair and the other warmongers.

Hopefully, the moderates in Iran will be able to persuade the government to make an unreserved apology for this foreign policy gaffe, possibly even remove this incompetent from power. You never know, he might make a good road sweeper...

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At 5:28 AM, Anonymous Inquisitor said...

My thoughts exactly.

I fail to understand how any person of reasonable intelligence and foresight would fail to realise that this just plays into the hands of the western overlords.

In fact, this is so ridiculous that it makes me wonder if there is some hidden agenda here. Most people would appreciate an event in terms of its most obvious and immediate consequences or intents. However, this is where the herd gets penned into whatever schemes the elite has concocted. They are always, at least, one step ahead. It is not reactions that interest them, but the propensities given birth by the reactions that in turn lay the foundation for the effecting of the next stage of current plans.

For example, and just as an example,
Israel might have been created so that Iran would react the way it does today, which would, in turn, enable the elite to effect the next stage of their plans which we will be witnessing shortly. Now this is just a hypothetical situation to illustrate how the elite are generally one step or more ahead of the herd. Hence, whilst we may attribute Ahmad's comments to gross stupidity, we could also view it as part of a larger plan.

At 2:05 PM, Blogger Gert said...

Yes, well, that would amount to conspiracy theory and I'm not a great proponent of that. I'm more in line with Michael Portillo who on last night's This Week explained that the Iranian President was speaking to an excitable audience and got carried away. That would be rather a mild case of incompetence, not excusable but not amounting to great machinations either.

An apology remains nonetheless in order but I doubt if we'll get one.

At 2:53 AM, Anonymous Inquisitor said...

'Just as an example' Gert. Nothing more. I used that example just to illustrate the point about the role of political foresight on the part of the politicians of the day.

If i was a politician, or the 'devil', i would gather about me the most astute intellectuals of the day so that i may be informed as to the conditions that would have to be instituted to enable the people to then react in ways that i want them to whilst they believe that it is of their own volition that they choose such a course.

This is where the freedom of choice, which is a here-and-now phenomenon, is often undermined by it not being accompanied by the freedom to control the conditions within which 'choice' is made - which is a prior-to-now phenomenon.


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