Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Mr Galloway Goes to Washington Again?

Via the BBC.

Georgeous George, as he's referred to by some, the anti-war MP who was kicked out of the Labour Party and successfully set up his own party, may yet be charged with perjury after his rebuttal of allegations of profiteering in the US Senate last May:

Now they say fresh evidence links him and his estranged wife to Iraq's oil-for-food programme. Mr Galloway and his wife both deny the allegations.

The US Senate committee claims to have found £85,000 in Iraqi oil money in the bank account of his estranged wife Dr Armineh Abu-Zayyad.

The senate committee's new report accuses Mr Galloway of personally soliciting and being granted eight oil allocations totalling 23 million barrels from the Hussein government between 1999 and 2003.

The committee alleges that at least £252,000 was funnelled to the Mariam Appeal through several allocations.

Mr Galloway, who has denied all suggestions he profited from [?] told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "The specific allegation against me is that I lied under oath in front of a senate committee.

Mr Galloway, characteristically, isn't phased:
"In this case the remedy is clear - they must charge me with perjury and I am ready to fly to the US today, if necessary, to face such a charge because it is simply false."

And let's not forget that the MP has been previously cleared from such allegations:
In December, Mr Galloway won £150,000 in libel damages from the Daily Telegraph over its separate claims he had received money from Saddam's regime. The paper is currently awaiting the result of its appeal against that ruling.

Alas, mud sticks...

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At 4:39 PM, Blogger Richard said...

You can say that again - mud does stick.

The get-Galloway-game is one that always 'gets me started'.

It's often the only point many friends/peers/etc ever disagree on.

I know Galloway is NOPT perfect, but then who is?

But, I'd believe him before I'd believe ANY of his dirty-trick, double-dealing, mud-sling, shit-stirring detractors.

Galloway's real problem is that he scares them. He doesn't play by their 'club' rules. He doesn't toe the 'party line;. He knows a lot and he talks a lot.

He makes an awesome enemy - and they know it.

The truth is, I actually fear for him - really.

At 5:05 PM, Blogger Gert said...

Yes, I'm worried too. In the face of such adversity and multiple dirty players a miscarriage of justice wouldn't be an unlikely outcome at all.

He's certainly got a fight on his hands but that's when he performs best, so let's not despair just yet.


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