Sunday, January 15, 2006

UN Secretary Tony Bliar.

Now, contrary to some others on the left, I never saw Bill Clinton as a great President. Compared to what went before and what came after, sure, Clint was refreshing but that's hardly an accolade of achievement. But his sexual antics ("To stain or not to stain") were worth a few chuckles.

But Clinton doesn't forget his pals.

When asked on BBC2's Newsnight if Mr Blair should run for UN secretary general [my emphasis], Mr Clinton responded: "That would suit me. He would be a good one."

I didn't see this particular edition of Newsnight and don't know who posed the question and in what context but it would have been surprising if Fellatio Bill had answered truthfully: "NO, NO, NO. Tony Blair is a lying, right-wing authoritarian who clearly wouldn't be suited for the job of UN secretary general. Although Mad King George would be absolutely chuffed if his closest chum got the post..."

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